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Celebrating our New Trade Mark
2012 has now been registered as a Trade Mark. We thank all the people who look at the website and who have given it its high profile reputation as without YOU we would not have achieved this status. Keep looking.


See our latest article on Quarry Capitalisation Rates.


Celebrating 25 years in Real Estate


We now have over 250 fully analysed quarry sales and lease transactions throughout Australia and New Zealand. We hold details of over 50 lease transactions, so if you need a lease renewal, then give us a call.

Keep coming back for more updates shortly.

See for quarries for sale and lease.

We were No 1 for Quarry Valuations worldwide on Google and Yahoo and many other search engines from 2009 to 2011 and hope to keep it that way for 2012. Thanks for looking and making us the most popular quarry related site worldwide.

We also do Expert Witness valuations so give us a call to see if we can assist.

Rod Stephens has produced two thesis reports namely The definition of the word Minerals in relation to the UK Extractive Industry and The Valuation of Long Term Interests  A case study of the acquisition of WMCs Olympic Dam Mine by BHP Billiton (Distinction). These reports can be made available on request for selected parties only. Terms and Conditions apply.

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     Types of Valuations
    Expert Witness Valuation Reports
                    Compulsory Acquisition
                     Valuation Disputes
                     Mineral Ownership Issues
                     Rental Disputes (Royalties and Minimum Rents)
                     Special Purchaser values (Marriage Values)
     Merger, Acquisition or For Sale
                     Market Value (Land and Buildings)
                     Marriage and Divorce Values (Special Purchasers)
                     Mineral and Resource Valuations
                     Asset or Real Estate Valuations
                     Going Concern Valuations     
    Company Accounting / Financial Reporting
    (See also our section on Corporate Valuations)
                     Fair Market Value
                     Fair Market Value in continued use
                     Market Value
                     AASB 6
                First Mortgage Security valuations
                (Selected Banks Only)
                Peer Reviews for Quarry Valuations
Statutory Valuations
               Land Tax and Council Rates valuations
               Compulsory Acquisition valuations
Rental Value Assessment
               Market Rental for Rent Reviews
               (including Royalty reviews)
               Minimum Rent or Certain Rents


Royalty Value for Mineral or Void Space
               Rental Royalty
               Capital Royalty

"Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation."